Word of the week: avund, avend, öfund

avund (OSw) avend (ODan) öfund (ON) n.

Literally ‘envy; resentment; enmity, hate’. Often used of premeditated—typically violent—deeds, and sometimes contrasted to deeds done in sudden rage (i.a. vreþe). In Swedish laws avund appears in the context of eþsöre ‘the king’s sworn peace’ as part of the king’s expanding power and attempts at restraining acts of revenge, and in the context of means for protecting personal rights by checking the disqualification of witnesses or others acting at e.g. the þing ‘assembly’ or during a ransakan ‘house search’.

enmity ODan Jyl 2; OSw DL Eb; HL Kgb; Ögl Eb; SdmL Kgb; YVgL Till
evil intent ONorw GuL Tfb, Mhb
premeditated harm ONorw GuL Mhb

avund ok ilder vili (OSw), avend ok ilvilje (?) (ODan)
malignancy and wrath OSw YVgL Rlb
hate or ill will ODan SkL 149

fæ, vild æller avend
gain, favour or hatred ODan SkL 121

See also: eþsöre, osater, sater, vaþi, vili, vreþe

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